Activities NearBy Rooster Apartments

Wind Surfing / SUP

Take part in wind surfing or SUP (Stand Up Paddling) activities just meters away from Rooster's apartments. Perfect for all types of water sports and beach play. The wind surfing club is owned and operated by world class athletes. Whether you are a beginner or want to train as a pro, the beach of Kypri is an ideal destination for all water sports.

Scuba Diving

Explore the underwater world of the sea in Andros. Venture out to various reefs, caves and rocky islets. You can take a dive to a shipwreck for a perfect scuba diving experience.


With a extensive network of hiking trails that sum up to 150 kilometers, Andros is the perfect place to take pleasure hiking around a Greek island. The paths are maintained both with the effort of local residence and volunteers. The paths connect various sites of the island including settlements, places of worship and the island ports.


Located between Gavrion, the port of Andros and the scenic village of Batsi, Rooster apartments are very close to an extensive variety of restaurants, cafes and bars to enjoy during your vacation.

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